Type of BECE students to get or denied SHS/SHTS/TVET placement

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As the Ghana Education Service (GES) prepares to release the computer school placement, an official of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System has said not all BECE students will be qualified for school placement.


In a discussion with Thisterm.com, he said the majority of candidates who partook in the 2023 BECE will get school placement but students who had an aggregate of 9 in English language or Mathematics will not be placed this year.

The CSSPS Secretariat official explained that in line with the placement guideline policy of the Computer School Selection and Placement System, students who failed English and Mathematics will not be placed in any school.

Asked if they can get computer school placement despite their status, the CSSPS official said the only option left for them is to re-sit the national examination (BECE) and be qualified for school posting next academic year.

“We don’t have a direct cut-off point for the computer school placement, the only cut-off point we have is when a student gets aggregate 9 in English Language or Mathematics he or she will not qualify for placement

So the Computerized School Selection and Placement System policy guideline is that if you get grade 9 in English Language or Mathematics which are required to qualify you for placement, you will not get school,” he told Thisterm.

The categories of 2023 Junior High School (JHS) graduates to be considered for computer school placement this year, he said are students who resit BECE last year, regular BECE for Students, Private BECE students and foreign students.

According to him, the computer school placement previously was done based on the raw score or total marks of candidates but this year Management of the placement system will use aggregate first and raw scores to separate a tie.

“We use grade first before the raw score, previously before 2017 we were using only raw scores for the school placement but this year is aggregate before raw scores, the raw score is used to break the tie,” he indicated.


How to check SHS/SHTS/TVET placement

Prospective BECE students are required to obtain a school placement checker or E-voucher from an approved vendor before they can proceed to check their computer school placement following the below method;

1. Visit the CSSPS portal

2. Click on check placement

3. Enter your Index number and add 23 as your year of completion (Eg. 123456789023)

4. Enter your placement card details (serial number and pin)

5. Click on submit and wait for a new window to display your placement.

6. Print the form if you have been placed and visit the school to begin the admission process

Congratulations as you successfully check your 2023 Senior High School placement, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in case any problem persists. Kindly report placement challenges to the CSSPS solution centre in your region.


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