Exam malpractices will consume us like Galamsey soon – Eduwatch

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Following the increase in cases of malpractices recorded in the country’s examinations, Africa Education Watch (EduWatch) has said the situation will get out of hand like the combating Galamsey if measures are not implemented to curb it.


The Director of EduWatch, Kofi Asare in a social media post sighted by Thisterm.com said in many schools, the examination fraud is community driven saying that community leaders aid in the act to ensure their students excel.

“In September 2022, the headmaster of Baglo Ridge SHS was chased out of the community because he wouldn’t allow the students to cheat in the exam room during the 2021 WASSCE. He was barely two years in that school after suffering a similar fate in 2019 in his previous school in the Ashanti region.

The Baglo Youth Association and Baglo Senior High School Old Students Association had petitioned the Regional Director of Education in March 2022 to remove him.

They alleged in their petition that, his presence in the exam hall during 2021 WASSCE was the cause of the school’s poor performance that year. As usual, they would add other trumped up allegations to spice it up.


In September 2022, after hearing the embattled headmaster had been cleared of all phantom allegations by the Investigative Committee, the community charged to the school to physically remove the man (see video).

He was whisked away by state security for his own safety and later transferred to another school. I am sure Baglo is now happy with their new headmaster and their WASSCE results since 2022.

Eduwatch in its West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) monitoring activities has encountered similar instances in the Ashanti and Eastern Region, with some allegedly orchestrated by local chiefs.

Deep seated societal corruption is the root cause of exam fraud. If unchecked now and conveniently watered down, it will consume us like Galamsay very soon,” the Executive Director of the education think tank said in the post.


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