Unlike Ghanaian certificate, Dutch passport gives hope – MoE PRO

Dutch passport

A spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Kwasi Kwarteng says he agrees that a Dutch passport is better than a PhD offered by Ghanaian tertiary institutions saying unlike academic certifications here, the passport presents hope.


He made the declaration after his Facebook post which described Mr Happiness, a Ghanaian based in the Netherlands argument that Dutch passport is better than the University of Ghana (UG) PhD is a misguided comparison was criticised.

In response to a critic of his post who said Dutch passport is being favoured over UG PhD because of the hope and inspiration the Dutch system gives in comparison with Ghana’s, Kwarteng said “I agree with you. Unlike academic certifications here, the passport presents hope.

Explaining that PhDs are research programs and not pathways to guaranteed financial stability, he said possessing a passport does not ensure economic well-being adding “someone with both documents can still experience poverty.”

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Ministry in Charge of Education, furthered that the idea that holding a Dutch passport is better than having a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Ghana stems from a defeatist mindset.

“However, it is understandable why such a notion exists, considering that converting basic earnings from certain countries to our local currency can make someone appear wealthy,” Kwasi Kwarteng said in a Facebook post.


Meanwhile, Prof. Kobby Mensah, a lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) has emphasized that a PhD is not meant for individuals who are hungry, seeking employment, or pursuing entrepreneurship.

“PhD is not for the hungry. It is not for gaining employment, neither is it for entrepreneurship. Get that!,” the University of Ghana Business School lecturer said in an X formerly Twitter post sighted by Thisterm.com.

A PhD student at the University of Ghana on is part also said “If you’re a PhD holder and you believe that the essence of your PhD primarily lies in how much you should be able to earn in terms of monetary value after your PhD, and you’re earning less than you expected so you believe that your PhD is worthless then I’m sorry to tell you that you are worthless not your PhD.

“…The PhD training firstly emphasises one’s contribution to the body of knowledge (literature) and secondly, emphasises the significance of one’s research study on policy and practice in that field all through research.

Unless of course, you enrolled in some strange PhD program somewhere, but where does it say in the PhD training that the more you earn after your PhD the more valuable your PhD is?” he quizzed.


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