Ghana’s current education system is not far from a scam – Cheddar

current education system

The leader of The New Force political movement, Nana Kwame Bediako popularly known as Cheddar or Freedom Jacob Caesar says the country’s current education system which needs a review is the main contributor to graduates’ unemployment.


Commenting on the education sector, he said the curriculum being rolled out by the Ghana Education Service (GES) in various schools gives preference to foreign things rather than the indigenous knowledge that the people are familiar with.

The New Force political movement leader argued that the use of English as the official language in schools is problematic because it undermines the standard of the local dialects, which seem to be sidelined.

In an interview with Pure FM monitored by, he said the current state of Ghana’s educational system “is not far from a scam” due to the fact that it does not impact individuals but rather produces graduates who end up jobless.

“Ghana’s educational system is not far from a scam. Firstly, we use foreign languages to teach and belittle our local dialect. We are not taught how we can process our gold or plantations for our benefit. The syllabus centres on foreign personalities, so as we grow, we become more focused on them than our own.


People attend school for 21 years to attain a degree and get a good job to cater for their families, not to have an impact. Most of the university graduates end up being unemployed due to the huge number of people.

Also, our certificates do not have value outside of Ghana. You won’t get the opportunities when you go to London or other countries.”

Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Freedom Jacob Caesar is a Ghanaian businessman. He is the founder and chairman of Kwarleyz Group, which focuses on real estate and property management in Ghana.

He runs at least four entities under the Kwarleyz Group – Petronia (Petronia City in the Western Region), Wonda World (a developer), New Africa Construction (contractor), BELFAST (city management and property management) and New Africa Foundation (a civil society organisation).


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