Double-track delaying reset to ‘old’ academic calendar – EduWatch

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Education think tank – Africa Education Watch (EduWatch) says the double track system is the reason it has taken the country so long not to reset its traditional academic calendar since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


The Director of EduWatch, Kofi Asare expressing his view on the double-track system said “Under the Double-track, only two-year groups can be in school at the same time due to inadequate space to accommodate all 1.4m students-stress!

This year, we had the highest number of Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates -600.000. This same double-track system is the reason 480,000 out of the 600,000 may enter the Second Cycle this year.

I am against double-track, but on the side of equity, if we cancel it immediately to usher in a calendar that brings comfort to parents, teachers, and students, at least 100,00 students will be left behind.

I needn’t remind us that our free SHS is still an ambulance service. From day one, the increased demand for enrolment outstripped the supply of vacancies (infrastructure)…and it’s been 911 since then.

There has been some good progress in expanding school infrastructure and building new ones to ease the pressure. However, the economic situation has been negatively impactful.


We’ve pumped in about GH¢3 billion already. In the medium term, we require an estimated additional GH¢5 billion to create and sustain the supply of vacancies commensurate to immediate and expected demand, in order to revert to and remain in Single Track in all schools.

Our 5,400 basic schools are still under trees and sheds…plus those without desks..they keep crying for some GH¢6 billion attention from the same kitty..they have been sidelined.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Ken too has capped the GETFund, diverting about 60% of the GETFund Levy accruals that should be financing these infrastructure deficits…he is rather spending big on Youstart et al.”

President Nana Akufo-Addo in a televised update on Ghana’s Management of Covid-19 said “The double-track system for first and third-year Senior High School (SHS) students ended upon the resumption of school on January 18, 2023

“I must stress that SHS 3 students in all schools, like SHS 1 students, will no longer run the double-track system. The expansion of infrastructure at the various senior high schools, over the last three years, has brought us to this favorable situation,” he stated.


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