MoE reacts to the GH¢56m payment of SHSs Wi-Fi internet service

SHS Wi-Fi deal

The Ministry of Education (MoE) following The Fourth Estate report that GH¢56 million has been paid to a company contracted to provide Wi-Fi internet service to public Senior High Schools says the report is untrue and baseless


In a statement shared with, the Education Ministry said The Estate report on the Wi-Fi services which suggests a failure in service delivery and misuse of public funds is inaccurate and does not represent the facts.

MoE’s comment comes after The Fourth Estate reported that despite the GH¢56 million paid to Busy Internet now Lift Logistics some Senior High Schools have been without internet under the Busy Internet project for periods of up to 24 months.

“The company also received payments for St Mary’s SHS, Korle Gonno, Fafraha Community Day SHS, Ada Technical, Nungua SHS, Presby SHS, Teshie Presbyterian SHS, Ashaiman SHS, Kpedze SHS, Toase SHS, Bawku and Adugyama SHSs between 2020 and 2023 but all of these schools had no internet access for those years,” The Fourth reported noted.

But denying The Fourth Estate report, the Ministry of Education in the statement signed by its spokesperson, Kwasi Kwarteng said it only pays for the accessible dedicated internet and not necessarily the total capped monthly cost.

“Service compensation for the payment of any monthly cost is prorated as required by the terms of the contract. Specifically, the contract provides that the supplier shall be compensated on a pro-rata basis


The effect is that any downtime up to and exceeding half of a particular month will not be paid for. This means that despite the approved amount of recurring expenditure, the Ministry does not pay a pesewa if services does not reach the 50% (less than half of the month) threshold in a particular month,” MoE stated in the press statement.

Commenting on the monitoring mechanism of the Wi-Fi service, it said “The Ministry employs various monitoring mechanisms, including reporting lines from ICT coordinators in schools, Wi-Fi monitoring tools, and a Network Operating Room.

These measures aim to ensure timely detection and resolution of connectivity issues in the institutions nationwide. It also helps the Ministry to know how much of the service to pay within a particular month.”

The Education Ministry added “Additionally, the contract provides for a committee made up of MOE, GES, NaCCa and NCA to vet all invoices and certify before payment is made to Lifted Logistics Limited (formerly, Busy Internet).

There is also Validation Committee set up by the Minister for Education to equally vet all invoices before payment is made to the vendor. For instance, in February 2024, despite an invoice of GHC 6,498,827.90 submitted, the Ministry ended up paying GHC 3,637,569.20 after vetting.”


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