1 thought on “MoE make changes in 34th BECE optional and compulsory subjects

  1. It very good Our own mother tongue is a compulsory subject now .I also suggest the ministry should consider making career technology a core or compulsory subject since the government is advocating for technical education to reduce unemployment rate in the country.

    Student are still not serious with the technical subject as it is with Ghanaian language because it is not compulsory. Must we even have compulsory subject?You see student are never serious with subject which are not considered core or compulsory, when this happens teachers who teach the non core subject are not given much attention in class and this affect their work.

    I believe every subject is important hence should be given equal treatment or attention. Every individual has where his or her strength lies. if Ama is interested and very good at creative Art because she want to become an artist in future, don’t you think Ama will not be motivated to pursue that cause because her best subject is not considered most important like the EMSS and now GL?

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