Lists of recognized education think tanks in Ghana & their location

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An education think tank is an education-focused organization that conducts research and advocates for a particular issue in the educational sector. In this blog post we will take a look at some major education think tanks in the country.


Africa Education Watch (EduWatch)

Based in Greater Accra, Africa Education Watch (EduWatch) is an Education Policy Research and Advocacy Organization working with Civil Society Organizations, Governments and the Private Sector to promote an equitable, accountable and responsive education system that assures quality and equal opportunities for all.

Originally incorporated as Action for Rural Education in May 2002, Africa Education Watch rebranded in 2019 to focus on Policy Research and Trans-National Advocacy while operating as a Think Tank with partner representation in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

Africa Education Watch analyzes education policy management and reform by drawing on cross-cultural, trans-national and international comparative perspectives in West Africa. Reach EduWatch at

IMANI Centre for Policy and Education (IMANI)

Founded on March 9, 2004, by Franklin Cudjoe, who currently serves as the president and chief executive officer, the IMANI Center for Policy and Education (IMANI) is a think tank based in Accra, Ghana.

The Education think tank’s operations centre on these four thematic areas: rule of law, market growth and development, individual rights, and human security and institutional development.


IMANI uses the platform as a springboard to reach out to a larger African audience in five international languages. It exerts influence in the Ghanaian public education and policy sphere through media appearances, publications, research, and seminars.

According to the 2009 Index Report, IMANI was ranked fifth most influential in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the only African think tank to make the list of the top 25 “Most Innovative” across the world. Reach at

The Institute for Education Studies (IFEST)

Established as an independent policy and research institute in Greater Accra, IFEST formerly VIAM Africa was founded in August 2013 with the principal aim of better informing public debate on contemporary education issues to promote the development of effective research, policy and practices.

IFEST through the establishment of rigorous advocacy campaigns during its initial years in both the print and electronic has successfully opened up a debate about education policy to a wider audience and influenced much policy decision-making.


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