GhLA zero data the Ghana Library Mobile App on MTN and Telecel

Ghana Library Mobile

As part of the central government’s effort to promote reading among Ghanaians, particularly students in the country, the management of the Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) has zero-rated the Ghana Library App on MTN and Telecel.


This means that MTN and Telecel previously Vodafone users can enjoy unlimited reading on the Ghana library app available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store without worrying about mobile internet bundles or data.

“Ghana Library Authority bring to you unlimited reading on the Ghana library app with zero data on MTN and Telecel. Download the Ghana Library app and enjoy unlimited reading without data worries,” GhLA said in a Facebook post.

According to the Library Authority, with the new technology students can dive into captivating stories, essential textbooks, and fascinating audio and videobooks, all without using a single byte of mobile data anywhere they go.

About GhLA Library App

Ghana Library Mobile Application is Ghana Library Authority’s free digital library app, giving members the ability to browse and read e-books, listen to audiobooks and watch educational videos in a few simple steps.

The application was developed to help drive the evolution and implementation of technology tools in support of the Agency’s transformational roadmap with the objectives of radically revolutionizing reading outcomes and ensuring that it builds collections available in digital format. It features many captivating classics, educational content and top hits of all time.

About Ghana Library Authority

The Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) is the state agency under the Ministry of Education mandated by law to establish, equip, manage, and maintain public libraries in Ghana.

It was set up with the objective of positioning it as a best-in-class institution whose mission is to connect Ghanaians to knowledge resources to reinforce good reading habits as a critical component of the country’s development agenda, and the overall strategy towards tackling illiteracy, poverty, diseases, and unemployment related problems.


Evidence has shown that most children in Ghana struggle to read. According to the 2018/2017 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), in Ghana, only one out of every five children between ages 7-14 years has foundational reading skills and 59% of children live in households with no child-friendly books.

Most often children in rural communities without electricity, internet services, televisions or even radio lack access to valuable support that might otherwise enable them to learn.

It is therefore our collective responsibility to provide avenues for children to read in their early years, so they grow to become avid readers.

Over the years, the GhLA has made significant strides in supporting education efforts by providing teaching and learning resources, information, and referral services.

In addition, it has engaged in several projects and outreach programs designed to meet the needs of people in rural and underserved communities, and specific groups to achieve specific results.

Within its strategic plan, the GhLA has partnered with like-minded institutions to influence literacy rates in Ghana through the power of the collective influencing of reading habits and improvement of service delivery for increased access to knowledge resources.


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