GES reveals when students can change SHS after CSSPS enrolment

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This year’s BECE graduates to be admitted into various second-cycle schools as first-year students can change or move from their CSSPS-placed school to another after one academic year, an official of the Ghana Education Service has told


His comment comes after we asked him if it is possible for Junior High School students who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination to change schools after they have been enrolled and admitted into their placed school.

Responding to the question, the Ghana Education Service staff said “It will not be possible to change school now, adding that a first-year student can only do that after one academic year, a movement he described as school transfer.

“So, for now, you can not change your placed school, you can only do that after an academic year, any movement from one school to another after school placement enrollment is considered a transfer,” the GES official told

The Ghana Education Service (GES) after releasing the school placement said out of the total number of 598,839 results received from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), 585,797 candidates qualified to be placed.

“A total of 477,772 (81.56%) prospective students have automatically been placed in one of their choices. This is a significant improvement compared to last year’s, with over 100,000 more students placed.

However, 108,025 (18.44%) qualified candidates could not be matched with any of their choices. All such students are, therefore to do self-placement to select from available schools,” the management of the GES said in a press statement.

How to buy school placement card

1. Visit the Checker Cards website

2. Select the number of cards you want to buy.

3. Click on the “Buy Now” button.

4. Fill in the details by adding your First name, Last name, Phone number and E-mail address.

5. Scroll down and click on “Proceed To Payment”.

6. Select “Pay with Mobile Money” and enter your MoMo number.

7. Click on “Confirm”.

8. Approve payment on your phone by entering your Mobile Money Pin.

How to check school placement

1. Visit the CSSPS portal

2. Click on check placement


3. Enter your Index number

4. Enter your 10 digit E-voucher pin and

5. Enter your 5-digit PIN code

6. Click on Proceed and wait a few minutes for the next window to display your school placement.

How to do self-placement

1. Visit the CSSPS portal

2. Then select the check placement module on the left-hand side

3. Enter your BECE Index Number (eg. 100000000023) and

4. Enter your 10 digit E-voucher pin and

5. Enter your 5-digit PIN code

6. Click on Proceed to be redirected to the self-placement module

When redirected successfully to the Self-placement module, you will be provided with a selection of schools to pick from based on the aggregate or grade you had in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

7. Choose carefully your desired second-cycle school

8. Choose your residential preference (Day/Boarding).

9. Select your programme of choice

10. After doing all the necessary checks, confirm and print. Remember that once you have completed the selection process it can not be undone or changed.


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  1. Pls can you show us to do the replacement because my junior brother has been place to a school he didn’t choose

  2. Please my son was placed into Teshsi Presby SHS but is in Kumasi please how can I change the school

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